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Imani Milele Choir is a talented group of children from Uganda, Africa, that tour the U.S. each year, raising awareness of the plight of orphaned and vulnerable children.


The choir concerts feature uplifting and inspirational songs that share stories of the joy that they have received through God's love and songs that are an exciting blend of original compositions, praise and worship, and unique African drum routines and dance.


We would be thrilled to connect with you and arrange a concert while in your area.

We offer concerts and private performances that will fit your particular situation; from Sunday mornings to any night of the week that would be separate from your regular Sunday AM gathering.


Since 2013, Imani Milele Choirs have toured the U.S. (with a different set of children for each choir group) performing at over 600 concerts collectively ever since.


For about eight months out of the year, the choir tours all over the U.S. performing at churches, schools, organizations, private concerts, and many more venues, bringing their unique sound and infectious joy wherever they travel!

The high-energy concerts are so electrifying, that being at one of them will exhilarate you as you watch these amazing children perform well-crafted dances, songs, African drum routines, and much more.

What 2 Expect


Expect the choir to engage, entertain, and bless the congregation with uplifting, upbeat songs, unique acapella arrangements, and dances. The concerts will crown with an immersive worship experience that invites the audience to worship together with the choir.

The concerts are crowned with an excellent worship session that invites the audience to worship together with the choir.


Expect the audience to witness an authentic African experience showcased through high-energy, culturally unique music, dance, and well-crafted drum routines.


The choir uses art to narrate some of Uganda's culture and history. The audience will learn something new, but will also be encouraged to share the stage with the choir, participating in the playing of the African drums.

What Others Say


Wow!! When my wife said she wanted to house the children from the Imani Milele choir, my selfish side protested. It was one of the best weekends of my life. The love of Christ was so abundant from these amazing children. I have tears just writing this. Please don’t miss the opportunity.  The other host families are still talking about their families' experience & it’s been over a year!

Greg Buckingham

Jackson Hole, WY

The Choir will not only entertain you, but encourage, challenge and leave you with a renewed rhythm of hope in your life

Pastor Mike Lyle

Crossroads Christian Fellowship, Sebastian, FL

Hosting children from the Imani Milele Children's Choir is a truly rewarding experience. The children are easygoing, sociable, and highly adaptable to different cultures. They will quickly assimilate into your family cycle, and they simply enjoy doing whatever it is that you do on a daily basis.

There is very little planning required. You will quickly come to realize that the children that you host are like family. Having the kids around is just plain fun, and you will be surprised at how quickly they will feel like family to you.


Hosting Imani Milele Choir snapped me out of my work-a-day routine and sparked an awareness and love in my heart for a world outside of myself.

Nate Ball

Grace Community Church, Rincon, GA

We first hosted Imani out of love and obedience, wary and unsure of blessings to follow. They became family to my family.


Through hosting, God changed our hearts for what breaks His heart, that led me to spend 10 days in Africa building schools and relationships with Rev. Moses (Founder).


Saying "yes" to hosting these sweet children and teachers has made a transformational change in my life and my family’s life through His abundant Blessings.

John Bogardus

Rincon, GA

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