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 Building a new 


The BUILD A LEGACY campaign aims to raise funds for a new Lusaka School, one of eight Christian school centers operated by Imani Milele Children in Uganda.


The school provides education to orphaned and vulnerable children and has excelled academically, with the student population increasing from 420 to 672 in just three years. However, inadequate infrastructure has led to a threat of closure by the Ugandan Department of Education.  


The current school lacks permanent structures, an indoor kitchen, a dining hall, running water, and bathrooms with septic or sewer connections. The primitive classrooms were constructed with softwood, susceptible to termites and decay. The noise of the rainfall on the corrugated tin roofs interrupts classroom instruction; the roofs are not sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather elements; and during the warm months, the tin heats the overcrowded classrooms to stifling conditions

To address these pressing concerns, a new school needs to be built. We launched The BUILD A LEGACY campaign to fund the construction of the new school, which will meet the required infrastructure standards and provide a conducive learning environment. 

Lusaka Center Collage.jpg


The new school will feature a four-story main building, along with a separate commercial kitchen and food storage.

Construction of the new school will cost approximately  $2,651,739 to complete.  The cost includes an underground water harvesting tank, security perimeter, and furnishings, at a cost of just  $52 per square foot. 


We are proud to share that as of March 2023, we have made great progress on the project! We have successfully shelled the main building up to the fourth floor, installed the roof, and completed the first floor of the kitchen building.


The next steps in construction include rough electrical installation, as well as installation of the doors and windows. We are currently working hard to raise the remaining $999,380 needed to open the school.


The Build a Legacy Campaign is designed to allow your family to partner with us, invest in the lives of our students, and create a family legacy built on generosity and faith. By making a pledge to sponsor one of the Legacy projects listed below, you'll enable us to fund a portion of the new school.  


In an effort to instill the importance of God's Word in our students, Build a Legacy donors will have the opportunity to select a Bible verse to adorn the walls of the new school. This verse will serve as a source of hope and encouragement for our students and staff for generations to come. Each donor will be recognized alongside their selected verse. Whether your name, your family's name, or in honor of a loved one, these names will serve as daily reminders of the many people who have supported us.  


Please consider making a commitment towards this project today. Together, we can create a legacy of hope, faith, and opportunity for Uganda's children.



At $30,000 each.

Eight classrooms have been pledged.

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At $20,000 each.

MultiPurpose Hall.jpg


The Multi-Purpose Hall cost