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Make a long term impact


We are a Christian nonprofit organization serving our Lord Jesus Christ in meeting the needs of children in poor communities, equipping them with the necessary skills for developing into self-sufficient and productive individuals.


We raise awareness about Uganda's three million-plus orphans and vulnerable children; ones currently living without life's most basic needs, and we invite others to join our cause so we make a difference. Currently serving over 4000 children in Uganda, with the help of groups and individuals like you, we're forming a strong and passionate team helping to make a difference, one child at a time.


Though the number may seem overwhelming, the good news is that there are simple solutions we are utilizing to equip children with skills to become independent and productive leaders.

you can make
a difference today

You can transform a child's life today by Sponsoring them. For $35 a month, you'll help restore hope and make a positive transformation. 


Your support will enable a child to become stronger and more resilient, while allowing you to create a meaningful relationship with the child, communicating love and encouragement through letters, photos, and even visits! 


Since 2013, the choir has been honored to hold concerts in various cities across the US - in churches, schools, and festivals; treating audiences to fun-filled, culturally-unique, interactive and inspirational concerts.


The high-energy concerts are so electrifying, that being at one of them will elate you as you watch these amazing children perform well-crafted dances, songs, African drum routines, and much more




10205 US Highway 1

Sebastian, Florida 32958

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