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Lusaka School Center is one of the eight Christian school centers Imani Milele Children operates throughout Uganda.  Located in a suburb of Kampala, Uganda’s capital city, just 4 miles from the city center, Lusaka is home to Imani Milele Children’s head office in Uganda. 


Sitting on approximately 14,520 square feet, the small school has made significant contributions to its poor community, providing education to orphaned and vulnerable children, and improving their lives holistically through the work of Imani Milele Children.

A Day In Sarah's Life

Length - 6:58

There are very many children in Uganda living without life's most basic needs. The following is a story of Sarah who before she was rescued by Imani Milele, experienced a very difficult life. Spend a day with Sarah as we get a glimpse of what used to be her life.

Lusaka Construction Update

Length - 2:42

Build A Legacy

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Download Brochure

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