A Campaign 
 To Help Build A New 


BUILD A LEGACY is a three-year campaign intended to help raise funds to build a new Lusaka School. 


Lusaka School Center is one of the eight Christian school centers that Imani Milele Children runs in Uganda. It lies in a suburb of Kampala - Uganda’s Capital, 4 miles from the city center, and it is home to the Imani Milele Children Head Office in Uganda.


Sitting on approximately 14,520 square feet, the small school has made significant contributions to its poor community, providing education to orphaned and vulnerable children, and improving their lives holistically through the work of Imani Milele Children.


The school prides itself in the excellent student grades that it has produced since 2016, making it the best in its school division. As a result, its student population has grown from 420 in 2016 to 672 children and is still growing. Regardless of each child's background and story, the school welcomes them all and has played a significant role in their spiritual nourishment and character development.


Unfortunately, towards the end of 2014, the school was on the edge of being closed by Uganda's Department of Education because of failing to meet the required school's infrastructural standards.


Among the many concerns, the student population had outgrown the classroom and school space. The classrooms were in a poor state - made out of wood, and very small in size. Each classroom is about 25’X20’ with 90 – 95 students, and yet the government's required size is for a 25’X25’ room to only accommodate 45 students.


There is no dining hall, and the food is served from the small-sized school compound. Due to limited space at the school, there is no room or area for building a library, a medical clinic, a staff room, a multi-purpose hall, a play-field, parking space, and a lot more. There is a need for more washrooms as well due to the population size.

Lusaka Center Collage.jpg


We’re excited about building a new school with excellent facilities and accommodating up to 1,000 students, from kindergarten all through seventh grade (Primary Seven).


The school's fresh and novel design will endow students with a vastly improved and pleasant learning environment conducive to learning - not only for this generation but also for generations to come.


The cost of building the school to completion is estimated to be around $2,318,000, and we have so far raised $325,000 to date, purchased the land, broke the ground on Dec 18th, 2018, and now, the foundation is finished.

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BUILD A LEGACY 2020-21 campaign giving will help raise the $2,000,000 needed to build this school. 


The family legacy’s goal is to fund a part of the school from your family, select a bible verse for that doorway and have your children, grandchildren and beyond know that your family legacy is one of character and faith.  Hopeful, that one day they will visit your legacy.

As we invest you in the future of Uganda's orphaned and vulnerable children, will you consider making an annual financial commitment for three years towards this project? You may also choose to make a one-time donation.


100% of all funds given for this campaign will go towards this project. Using photos and video, we will update you on every progress, holding ourselves fully accountable for every dollar spent.



Multi-Purpose Hall

Library and Bookstore

Medical Center

Computer room

School Commercial Kitchen

Kindergarten Cafeteria



Administration Block