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10 . 12 . 2017

Sticks to Bricks

Langdon Farms Golf Club,

24377 NE airport Rd., Aurora, OR

Lusaka School Project


This is the street view of where the current school is located; in a poor neighborhood, and sitting on a small piece of property.

Lusaka, Makindye is a community of about 7000 people, 55% of which live below the national poverty line. For a number of years  the illiteracy level in the community was very high and many people did not regard education as a priority.

Today, there has been some progress and most noticeable is the number of children being sent to school to obtain education; something that was not regarded as a priority for a while.


Towards the end of 2014, the center was on the edge of being closed by the Department of Education as a result of failing to meet the required infrastructural standards.


The school, however, was spared from closure due to the excellent national grades that the students were achieving, and also because free education was being provided to the community's orphaned and vulnerable children. 


The government of Uganda recognized and commended the school  for such a great service and contribution to the development of a of a country.

Many of the community's children have been rescued and are currently under the care of Imani Milele Children. For the students who were rescued in the early years, many have gone on to graduate from college and other technical institutions, and now living independent and productive lives.


The school sits on a tiny piece of property of about 14,520 square feet yet with an ever increasing population of students which is grown to over 672 students.

The classrooms are temporary wooden structures. not conducive to a great learning environment. Each classroom has an area size of about 25'X20', accommodating between 90 and 95 students.

Due to the size of the property, the school also lacks a playing field. The administration has always rented a playground from the community, which is about a 15 - 20 minute walking distance from the school.

There is a great need for more offices and office space, a large staff room, modern kitchen, a large multi-purpose room, and ample parking space.


A place to build a new center has been secured. Plans, designs and the bill of quantity for construction project is already in place.

This two million dollar ($2,000,000) project will be constructed in various stages including; 

  • Breaking the ground

  • Sub-structure

  • Ground floor

  • First floor

  • Second floor

and much more.


If all resources are available, the construction project will take one and half years.


Please register to join us at the fundraising gala. Your presence will make an impact


In case you are not able to join us that night, you can still donate to this cause  

Anything you can give is a huge help. 100% of the money will be used to build this school.

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